We obey Him because we love Him. And we love Him because He first loved us. (1John 4:19)

Now let us settle the matter: The only proof of love for the Lord is obedience to Him. A person who does not seek to obey Him does not love Him, no matter what he or she says. It is that simple. Our love for Him is only revealed through the doing of His Will, even if it conflicts with our own.

If God says that we are not to be involved in homosexuality or adultery or sex outside of marriage or stealing, my proof of love for Him would be to obey Him regardless of how my flesh may want those ungodly deeds. If I love God more I will buffet my body, and make it submit to God’s Will above my own. Again, this separates the real spiritual person from the religious. People who call themselves spiritual, and yet, will not or cannot obey God’s Holy Written Word must check up on their relationship with God. You cannot be truly spiritual walking in diobedience to God. Being spiritual is being a doer of the Word. And we will do His Word if we really love God. The proof of love is obedience.