Where To Buy iPad 2 – Your Options

Where To Buy iPad 2 – The Different Options

Hi guys and gals,

In this little post I will talk about the different options you have on where to buy ipad 2 right away! You can basically buy the iPad from one of the many retail outlets! Just be aware that not all retailers are treated equally, so be sure to read this post to the very end. I will tell you exactly why Amazon is the best (and most comfortable) option you have right now.


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Where To Buy iPad 2 – 1st Option => The Apple Store

where to buy ipad 2- The very first solution is to go directly to one of the many Apple retail stores out there. Since there is a lot of buzz going on right now about the iPad 2, Apple has to be fully prepared to have the necessary supply present! The nice advantage here is that you can get a look at each and every single variation they have got. May it be the white version with 32 GB of disk space or the “black” edition with 64 Gb (or any other constellation you can think of).

- On launch date there has been a rumor that the white model may be very hard to come upon and indeed a lot of people where standing in cues in order to ensure that they will get the “white ipad 2″ and no other…. The funny thing is that the employees of Apple served their customers with everything they needed while waiting in line (snacks and water for instance xD). So basically if you aren´t foot sick and an Apple stores is right around the corner, you can go ahead and buy it there 8-)

Where To Find iPad 2 – 2nd Option =>

Best Buy, Walmart and Verizon/At&t Stores

Here is a nice alternative for people how are not that crazy about waiting hours to finally get their beloved “baby”. Each of these stores have 100´s and 100´s of copies available! So just like with the first option you could go ahead and get the darn thing just by using your own two legs :-)

Where To Order iPad 2 – 3 Option => Buy it online at Amazon.com

  1. I highly recommend this to anybody because Amazon in my opinion is simply the freaking darn best in the industry, when it customers support! I love the fact that Amazon shows you all these reviews made by people, who purchased the device before and share their honest thoughts about it!
  2. Another great thing is that you can buy all kinds of iPad 2 accessories (simply by adding the stuff to your cart) and you will get a nice discount on the grand total price!
  3. They surely have the fastest delivery ever (took just 1 day and I heard the welcoming sound of “ding dong” at about 10 am in the morning) and returning the device (incase you are not satisfied) is a kid´s play!
  4. I absolutely loved this method of buying my iPad 2 because I could check out all the details directly from my computer (sitting my new comfy chair I also bought from Amazon 2 weeks ago) and hit the CheckOut in no time!


Check Out The Official Amazon iPad 2 Page Right Here!

So, that concludes my “where to buy ipad 2” blog post..


Thanks for reading,

Adam Grunt

P.S: On my next post I will talk a little bit about the details of the iPad 2 and how it evolved when comparing it the first iPad! Click Here to read it… Where To Buy iPad 2 – iPad Details

Where To Buy iPad 2? – iPad 2 Features

Hi guys,

In this little blog post I will present to you a couple of the

new amazing features the Apple ipad 2 has to offer!


The A5 Chip Where To Buy iPad 2


Apple installed a brand new 1 GHZ dual-core A5 processor chip into the iPad 2 and this one definitely makes it super lightning fast! The difference is really night and day when comparing it to the old iPad.

Sometimes the iPad 1 used to hang up pretty easily and for some reason it just couldn´t handle a couple apps running at the same time… It was nothing too bad but by time it could get really, really annoying.


Facetime Where To Buy iPad 2

You probably heard about FaceTime before, if not I will tell you the basic principles of how it works. The iPhone 4 that has been released about 9 month ago had this “ever-blazing” new option of allowing you to video chat with the person you are calling by using the 3G technology and thus the internet. If you ask me, this was the prime reason I bought the iPhone 4 back then and I literally chatted hours with my soul-mate using the free “Skype” app (of course from home due to the fast WiFi that is necessary to keep a gradual and healthy connection stable). So, all in all you can compare it to a laptop with a 2 megapixel camera on the front… nothing too fancy to be honest with you but nevertheless a very neat feature whenever you feel bored.


Width Where To Buy iPad 2


Perhaps the most awesome thing about the new iPad is the fact that it´s as thin as a samurai sword ( you can almost cut through your pants if you´re not careful with it… god, I am funny today=> trust me I had better jokes). Therefor it is  almost impossible to use this device without a case. To be honest, it is something that bugged me somehow because… “why on earth” would you want to cover your newly bought iPad 2 with an ugly looking rubber shell??? In my opinion, they kinda screwed this one up because there is absolutely no benefit in making it as thin a paper, thus making it more difficult for you to grab it!

Surely, it looks a million times better this way but anyways…


HDMI Out Where To Order iPad 2

This  function is hands down “THE STUFF”… if you are just like me and enjoy watching movies for the sake of your life, then this feature will help you connect your iPad 2 right to your Full HD TV and sit back in your sofa watching your downloaded movie right away. With the help of a 30-pin connector you can connect it to your HDMI input and voila, that´s it! Another cool thing is the fact that you can now play all of your games on your big screen TV (that is just “brilliant”)





Really guys and gals, I highly, highly recommend this tablet to anyone because you can do just about anything you can think of  (of course you can´t use it as a shower head  8-) )! I really don´t need to convince you of how “cool” it is because Apple is doing a good job advertising it I believe!


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Where To Buy iPad 2

Where To Buy iPad 2 – Welcome To My Website!

Not knowing where to buy iPad 2???

Well then you have landed on the right website!!!

Hi dear visitor and thanks for stopping by!

I have created this little neat website with the main purpose to show you where you can get the iPad 2 for the lowest price possible! For all of you, who still are not sure whether to buy the ipad 2 or not, I will write 2 full-blown blog posts on why I believe that it´s gonna be the best purchase you have ever made in your life! It certainly was mine… :-)


The iPad 2 has just been released and many people do not know exactly where to purchase the iPad from! There are simply ads right around every freakin corner but finding a good offer can be a daunting task!

I highly recommend buying it from Amazon.com (the next two articles will explain why in detail).


They are cheap, reliable, have all the variations of the iPad 2 and they deliver in record breaking time…


So if you are still wonder where to buy ipad 2, please be sure to click this link right here=> Where To Buy iPad 2


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